What to look out for in a Georgian kitchen

Wondering how to achieve a gorgeous georgian kitchen style? The reality is you don’t really want an original kitchen… often a dingy freezing high ceilinged basement that was out of sight for the lords of the house. Only to be seen by the maids and servants. But. There is nothing to say we can’t borrow and improve. 

Today kitchens are the heart of family life, and getting the georgian vibe with the modern vibe can be difficult. Georgian kitchens are purely functional, with large stoves and countertops for serving a family of any size, and we’re pretty much always on the go from morning until night. Rinse and repeat. 

georgian kitchen with light style colours

In addition to this you will always see them quite whitewashed in colour, this is because it was the cheapest colour to quickly seal the walls. This also provides a clean and sterile look and environment for a kitchen especially great in the modern day.

Original Georgian kitchens

Original georgian kitchens , for the most part were very basic places, containing only the essentials. There would however be many pots and pans lying around, as well as the appliances that would have been needed in the 1700s and 1800s. They would generally be kept far out of the way of any dining room, or living room of the home owners because of the cooking, curing and host of other smells that it would have produced.

Georgian Cottage interiors also had a kitchen but it was slightly smaller, and more cooking was done in the main living room.

Sometimes they had a table in the middle of the kitchen which would have also been used to store things in. This is kind of where the idea of a kitchen island comes from. 

blue old style kitchen

We also need to acknowledge the proportions of a georgian fireplace. This is interesting because everything in one of these kitchens seems super sized for some reason. The amazing fireplace where you would do all of your frying cooking, smoking and bacon. And huge cupboards that would have stored every utensil. 

Modern georgian kitchen

So, we need to update some aspects of the georgian kitchen and keep the stuff that makes it fantastic. This being said it helps if you have a house with high ceilings. In addition to this, the mantle is everything. If you have a fireplace with a huge stove and area to work, this will immediately make your kitchen look georgian. 

Your kitchen may run into your hallway. Check out my article on traditional georgian hallway design.

When we are thinking about handles and knobs. RConsider a period piece when it comes to the details just to make it that bit extra special. You could even buy antique originals. Small ovals and black handles are good, or some burnished brass. It really depends on the look you are going for and what fits in with your kitchen. 

Geoprian kitchens images

Georgian kitchen colours

This one is interesting. The georgian period ran for a long time in succession, this benign said there is an overarching theme, but as with anything styles and fashions did subtly change. You want to be looking out for matte neutral mid tones, such as white and cream , sage, and further on into the time period, we get more light blues appearing as well as use of natural elements; such as marble. This is generally agreed to be the case because these colours did not require too much pigment, and it was very expensive to produce paints in this time. 

Traditional georgian kitchen

This is how you can recreate the traditional goeorgian kitchen. Incorporating the fireplace, fixings and colours, you can come close to a traditional look and feel. I suppose the modern appliances could also match such as having an AGA, or something similar. COoking on such a behemoth stove is bound to make a difference. These stoves look brilliant and are big enough to cook that casserole or whatever you’re going to be doing! In addition to this, we know modern appliances are not conducive to the experience, but when they are done right, it still looks great. 

Historical georgian kitchen   

You can go see some examples of historical georgian kitchens in areas of england. Some of the best examples are still able to be seen today. You can visit Ickworth Country house, Claydon stately home, as well as West Wycombe park. These all have exquisite examples of georgian kitchens, as well as other styles, such as Italianate design, neoclassical, and baroque styles which are super cool!

Scullery kitchens

Georgian houses will also have scullery kitchens where you kind of have an overflow kitchen that’s more for cleaning and washing up (ie. the scullery maid’s duties.) this kitchen would have been even simpler in design as well, and as out of the way as possible. If you are wanting to get this sort of look in your own home, you may want to think about using porcelain in the sink fitting. Having a large belfast sink is not only period appropriate, but also great for washing dishes, and it looks like a great too. A Belfast sink looks surprisingly modern with quite a lot of ties. The large white effect of the basin really brings out the Georgian feel and vibe to the place with your super sized features. 

Regency architecture

This is referring to the later part of the georgian era when the madness of king george III meant the prince regent stepped in, hence regency architecture. This is symbolic of early 19th century architecture. Here we will say brick structures covered in plaster, or stucco. To add to this greek column. Think of refined elegance. In a regency townhouse perhaps you will find the 19th century architecture idea of modern minimalist architecture!

What I love about time, history and architecture, is that you can see what was influencing people at the time, and what different styles of architecture peop[le liked and what seemed modern or revival or even revolutionary at the time. This, today is useful because we can see the best and worst parts of all of these times and pick what we like according to what we like and our personal preferences. This being said, what do you think!?  

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