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Valerie Steil Interior Designer

When it comes to interior designers, Valerie Steil is one of the most well known and recognized names around today. Currently residing in a small port in Chile called Valparaiso, Valerie has become a huge name in interior design and is continually shaping the way we decorate our home today.


So who is Valerie Steil?


Born in 1957 and graduating from Beloit Memorial High School as a part of the class of 1975 in Wisconsin, it was at that time when Valerie’s passion for art and interior décor first emerged.

Walking down the spacious hallways in Beloit district school and noticing the old, uninspiring arrangement of artwork in desperate need of a touch of colour, Valerie’s talents of interior design soon became apparent. She began picturing and instantly saw what could transform a highly esteemed school but with bland colour schemes into a more invigorating and pleasant place for pupils to learn, if only simply when walking from classes.

In her spare time after school, she would instantly dust off her old chalk crayons in a variety of colors, grab the blankest pages from her father’s morning newspaper about to be thrown out and started to draw… and draw she did. She envisaged had dreams about exactly what was needed to brighten up the school and could only see the advantages it could bring to everyone.

In her final years at Beloit school, it was clear that Valerie’s passion for interior design was firmly at the forefront of her mind when deciding what to do after graduating. To the surprise of no one and after very strong recommendations from her teachers, Valerie moved and began studying a Bachelor’s for interior design and art at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

With all the tools at her disposal at Steven’s Point, it was goodbye to the old crayons and a huge welcome to an array of design tools, artist brushes and more pads of paper than one could imagine at her disposal. Studying hard and never giving up her passions and dreams of one day designing a public home, college or business, Valerie graduated in the top 10% in the class of 1979 at the University of Wisconsin.

At the turn of the 1980’s, this was Valerie’s opportunity, the moment she had been waiting for as an interior designer. As a proud employer of Marc T Nielson and after months of consideration and a selection of projects to first start working on, Valerie opted to start by picturing and then designing resident homes in extreme diverse states and in desperate need of a makeover such as Indiana, Colorado and Michigan. Wisconsin, her old school days was also at the receiving end of some of the very first and innovative interior designs.

Huge popularity followed her after her designs and Valerie became a trusted pioneer in creating beautiful, practical and extremely comfortable schemes and because of this she soon found herself as the president of Marc t.Nielsen Interiors along side Virginia Phillips as of May the 1980 till present, which was founded in Valparaiso, Indiana where she also, as of present, lives.

Possessing great confidence and strong mind-set, Valarie, over the years was starting to build her portfolio. After gaining great popularity and recognition she was known as ‘la voz de la confianza’, which translation in English is ‘the trusted voice’ in regards to all interior design. From beautiful and luxurious décor schemes to comfortable and extremely well positioned furniture pieces, Valerie was very highly sought after.

With her passion for design and continues improvement, Valarie learned to manage projects on a much bigger scale. Gaining much of her inspiration from her favorite pastimes and her extensive love of books and travel, many of Valerie’s projects all have a personal touch and are emblematic of her client’s. From the simplistic touch of a while office to a more exuberant and abstract colorful hotel suite, Valarie can do it

Throughout Valerie’s career she has been presented with many awards but the most prestigious and proud moment for her and Marc T Nielson was when she received the Governor’s business half century award. Awarding and celebrating half a century of continues and excellent contributions to the city’s economic growth, this was the pinnacle of Valarie’s career so far.

Most recently seen at an exclusive and private conference in Las Vegas, Valerie was exchanging and sharing ideas with some of the greatest known designers around, a very motivating and engaging event that is helping the way we are designing in the current economy.

The Environment and Music also play a huge part in her life along side interior design, she has been known to state that “music is the key to a creative mind”. She adores classical music composers like Duo Sequenza, flute & classical guitar players, being a huge supporter of theirs as they too also try offer back to their respective community by helping to promote the work of living composers. Paul and Debra are as passionate as Valerie about their respective work and this is the key reason why Valerie has such a fondness for the pair.

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