Top Georgian cottage interiors. What to look out for?

Everyone thinks about the grandiose and refined elegance of neoclassical, but what about the more simplistic cottages, and the places everyday people used to live?

I think learning about these styles is equally important and interesting . 

Georgian cottage
Georgian cottage

Georgian cottages often have a huge stove and fire with a large stone lintel that frames the scene. This would have been the hub of entertainment at this time and some cooking, or boiling of kettles and other things would have been done on this fire. It brings a cosy, homely vibe today. 

Georgian period interiors

Think metal beds here. I think that metal beds are fantastic looking, and white bed frame, this gives the ultimate classic look. Pair the off white bed with some pastels such as pale greens, and pinks and even creme. This will give off a period interior with all the cute additions of a homely cottage. In addition to this, you can add some small bedsides, and lighting . perfect for you. Having exposed beams also adds to this effect. 

Check out my article on Georgian hallways for more info about this.

Georgian interior design ideas and styles

Having exposed beams automatically makes a place look fab. Especially if you pair it with a contrasting ceiling colour. This is great because you are using original themes and features to their potential. Having said this, some houses do not have this option, or even have the capacity for these heavy beams.

georgian cottage interior
georgian cottage interior

Georgian living room

These beings said you could even think about installing some plaster work in your home. This would undoubtedly fit in with the georgian theme and make your home look dramatic and grand. Georgian period was all about mixing classical with the now. So think pastels and what not. These pastel colours have even made their way back into the modern day and why not they look great. 

Georgian interior design history

Georgian form is all about symmetry and the science in things looking great. This being said you really need to think about placement, and form. Fenestration means window placement and I think this is really important when it comes to this style of interior design and architecture.

Georgian period

You can find some amazing style Georgian cottage homes online if you are interested. These fantastic homes, a lot of them are grade 2 listed which means aspects on them must stay the same and not be changed or messed around. This means that you will hopefully find some amazing selections of the original Georgian period within these homes. The UK has some fantastic examples all the way up and down the country . Something to add too is that the Georgian style came into a revival with the Americas, think plantation homes. Yikes! We prefer them to stay in the past. 

Modern georgian interiors

These amazing style homes may even have certain aspects of modern georgian interiors. Let’s be real, the pea pastel green can look a little bit… well…dated. And it’s not a good era for anyone who doesn’t like mauve…

So these modern georgian interiors can have some amazing colours and kind of elevate the georgian style to being more modern and muted. We love grey sagey greens, and light grey blues they really evoke a wistful space and are great especially if you have accented furniture that is a strong colour it works to tone and balance down the game. 

We love it! Do you have any ideas of your own? Feel free to drop us a message if you have any ideas.  

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