Origins And History Of The Wardrobe

Probably only second to THE BED when it comes to bedroom furniture significance, a typical modern wardrobe is essential in ensuring both your clothes and as well as your room maintain tidiness and order. For anyone looking for an ideal bedroom storage solution, modern wardrobes are the perfect blend of convenience and glamour designed to satisfy that necessity, coming in a range of colors to help fit any interior scenario, you really can not going wrong when selecting the best wardrobe for your personal haven.

For centuries now, wardrobes have stood as reliable and quite expedient storage solutions. An iconic furniture item, a wardrobe is a wonderful addition to the household. Not only do they offer different height dimensions in a room, but they also accentuate and enhance the aura of a room by being a potential point piece over a bed, which everyone else uses to draw the room in.

Wardrobes are both practical and functional. Moreover, they also bring charm and spark to a room and depending on their underlying material and styles; they can even serve as the source of vibrancy in a room that is dull and plain.

Wardrobes are quite similar to armoires. Armoire is a French term used in defining a standard standing closet used for the storage of not just primary clothing but also a wide array of materials including household goods which again helps to keep your bedroom area tidy to help maximize space so you are able to get the most out of it.

History of the wardrobe

Initially designed as a typical open closet for hanging clothes, the 19th century saw wardrobes start to gradually evolve into the modern form characterized by hanging cupboards on either side with additional center-placed shelving-over types of drawers.

In due course, even the main center door-formerly a typical top section enclosure-was repurposed to serve as the cover for any sliding shelves or drawers and subsequently fitted with mirrors to add even more functionality to an already great storage space.

For a considerable time period, the wardrobe once served as a console for wealthy individuals who sought for extra space for their amazingly extravagant clothing stock. Moreover, the term wardrobe’ was previously used by Mr. Geoffrey Chaucer as a replacement of the term ‘lavatory’.

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The 8-man rule

Currently, the world is flocked with numerous wardrobes that vary in styles, sizes, shapes, and designs. Nonetheless, back in the days, the popularity of the wardrobes was not particularly because of the design; it was partly because of how their measurements were arrived at.

Generally, these bedroom accessories could only be afforded by the wealthy counterparts who by then needed enormous storage space for their clothing. To ensure they properly met the client needs; carpenters relied on a unique style of measurement known as ‘The Rule of 8’.

This was simply a means where the carpenters and experts ensured the wardrobes were large enough to accommodate an approximate 8 men in it. While it is highly unlikely that such would work in the modern era, it gave way to what we now know as the Modern’ crop of wardrobes.

Wardrobe Designs for Bedrooms

With an assortment of styles varying from solid, sturdy wood wardrobes to elegant and superb mirrored wardrobes, modern wardrobes offer you a wide choice of options to choose from.

Some of the most prominent modern wardrobe styles include:


Italian wardrobes such as the w-ART-robe Italian collection they are amazingly beautiful, stylish and revolutionary that they undeniably can complete an entire room with their overwhelming presence. Because of this, these types of wardrobes make for a particularly great addition to your bedroom are if you’re looking for something that is going to take the central spotlight away from your choice of bed, this is a great way of funneling your room to one point.

Modern Wardrobe Design

The modern wardrobe – Found on

Futuristic style It is a beautiful and elegant style which although is not necessarily conventional because of its particularly unique aspects. It provides a sliding space for the storage of items including sliding shelves and drawers, these particular wardrobes also feature reflective mirrors on the outside for practical purposes – which allows it to works well with mirrored glass furniture. unlike w-ART-robes which feature these for mainly design purposes. Some modern wardrobes among the most sort for are walk-in wardrobes, which aren’t really units and more so a designated room within the home but they do provide endless space and style if designed and decorated properly.

3 Door Wardrobe

Connect Contemporary 3 Door Wardrobe – as soon on

Three door wardrobes help to add more functionality to your space if that’s what you truly need from a wardrobe, nonetheless, they still look just as beautiful as any other style, they just take some time getting used to since they are somewhat unique compared to the furniture which is featured in today’s modern homes.

French Wardrobe Armoire

Antique French Armoire Walnut – originally found on

Antique French inspired wardrobes are for a very niche audience due to their French-inspired design, which works beautifully when added to the right setting when collaborated with a similar style of furniture. These wardrobes usually feature hand-carved details to represent classic Shabby Chic styles and usually a double door design, just like they looked in the early 1960’s when these particular wardrobes skyrocketed in popularity in everyday homes. These wardrobes, in particular, are quite the task to maintain, if you’re looking for some advice, we have a very helpful guide entitled “how to maintain your antique furniture“.

Origins And History Of The Wardrobe: Wrap Up

The journey towards the modern wardrobe has been a long but gradually fulfilling one. Previously, wardrobes were only a luxury the rich and famous’ could afford and while there were several options and styles to choose from, the catalogue has now broadened with an even better accommodation ration to virtually anyone that needs to keep their room and clothes tidy.

Surprisingly, since the inception of the wardrobe, the choice of material has not in any way changed with the reliance on oak, mahogany and even pine remaining the same. However, the trends have led to the incorporation of Mexican style type of timbers, Indian rose wood and also mango wood as well.

Whatever your preference or style, modern wardrobes are the ideal addition to any kind of bedroom. Not just for their overwhelming presence and their ability to accent.

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