How to Build an Eco-Friendly House

Global warming is having an impact on one and all. Its effect is only going to get worse with each passing day if we do not do something about it now. You too can contribute in a big way and the right place to get started is your home.

You perhaps have started doing little things like controlling your usage of water and building furniture out of wastes. But this is not enough, and you need to do more. If you are about to build a new home then you have a great opportunity that should not be missed. You must build an eco friendly house and this will indeed prove to be of more help than you can imagine. But the question is how do you build an eco-friendly home? Well, it is very simple, and you just need to follow some easy tips given below.

1.Build a Smaller House

Anyone who can afford will always want to build a big home. But, the bigger your home, the higher will be the stress that it causes to the environment. So, if you do not have a big family, then build a home that is small, and just enough to meet your requirements.

Remember, no matter how eco-friendly a home you built, a smaller home is always going to create a lesser impact on our environment. This does not even mean that you will have to sacrifice as far as quality is concerned. There are so many innovative design techniques that you can follow and utilize each inch of your house.

Furthermore, there are so many advantages to having a small house. The cleaning time will be less, it will be easier to decorate, and the utility bills will also be lower.

2.Take Full Advantage Of Solar Power

solar panel house
solar panel house

Use solar power, as this is one of the best ways to go eco-friendly. Solar panels are among the most sustainable ways to produce your own energy. Installing a solar panel can be an initial expensive investment but you will reap its benefits forever.

Also, if you plan when your house is just being built then you can adjust your house to take the fullest advantage of the solar power system. Then, there will be so many benefits that you will get to enjoy. Your bills will be lower, and you will not have to worry about sudden power surges. Furthermore, there are many tax breaks, grants, and more law-related advantages that you will get to enjoy.

3.Opt for Eco-Friendly Material

Be it your furniture or your flooring, you need to try and use as many sustainable materials as is possible.

Wood is one of the best materials that you can consider. You can use reclaimed wood for your furniture and also flooring. Bamboo is also a great option. There are so many attractive covering solutions and stylish blinds that you can use for your backyard and home.

plastic free
plastic free

Remember, anything that can be recycled after you use it makes a good option. It will be a wise idea to also select building companies that believe in creating less waste and prefer doing things in an eco-friendly way.

4.Select Your Roofing Wisely

If solar panels are not going to cover your roof then you have to think about ways that can keep it cool. If you manage to do so, you will be able to control the temperature inside your home easily, and then there will be a big difference in the energy bills.

You must select eco-friendly materials that absorb less heat in the daytime and cool quickly at night. Slate, white tiles and terra cotta will make perfect options for your home. You may even opt for something as interesting as alliving roof’. This allows you to cover your roof completely with greenery. It is indeed an eco-friendly way to keep your home insulated, and also, it will make your home look immensely attractive.

To Conclude –

Building an eco friendly house is quite easy if you really are interested. The ideas given above are just a few and there are so many other ways you can make your home environmentally friendly. So, do give this a thought. Explore as many more ideas as you can and try to do everything that is possible to make every inch of your house eco-friendly and lend your support towards making a big change to our environment

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