Georgian hallway ideas

I don’t know why , but the georgian hallway is always overlooked to that of a Victorian hallway. This being said. I love it and want it to be appreciated by more people! 

As we know this time period spanned from 1714 to 1830. When there four successive Georges on the throne. Hence we get the name Georgioan. This was a p[roserous time for some and can be seen in the architecture. We get Neoclassical architecture from Roman and Greek architecture. Very classical in its nature, think columns, cornice and pillars. 

georgian hallway interior
georgian hallway interior

Alcoves are also very prevalent in Georgian architecture. As well as corinthian, ionic and doric column work. So, with this to be kept in mind. How does this apply to hallways?

Georgian hallway colours

With the greek and roman architecture kept in mind, this also flowed into the colour schemes. We often see a lot of mauve pink and pastel colours in Georgian architecture and interior design. View my article on Georgian cottage interiors for more info. This can be seen in dramatic sweeping hallways with a kind of muted plastic colour on its walls. Very provocative. 

You will potentially find something if you look up. Georgian design focuses a lot on details and plaster work, so you might want to look and see if you can find any plastering on the ceiling and mouldings that would indicate quite finitely that this is a Georgian hallway. 

hallway georgian
hallway georgian

As for flooring you may find tile work, or wooden flooring is present. Something that looks very clean and polished. 

Geogian wall

In a hallway you may even find some georgian panelling Now some would say this is the defining part of this style of regency and georgian, the fine craftsmanship of the panelling was a must for over 100 years. Often oak painted white, or left in its natural state, this was a perfect display of wealth and the classic vibe that the Georgians were going for in the 18 and 19th century. 

georgian panelling proportions

What you have to know about georgian panelling is that it was often full height, from top to bottom. Sometimes it can be seen at dado height. Because the Georgians were obsessed with classical, they had their paneling down, and understood its power. This being said, the panelling could end up accounting the height of a room, or fireplace or window. It is a very clever trick of the eye but open the Georgians were masters of.  You will find this too in georgian house hallways, making a window look larger. 

You may also find this panelling in traditional georgian kitchens.

Georgian hallway tiles

Ya think the victorians invented hallway tiles?! WRONG. Some could argue it was the Georgians… well really it was the Romans but the Georgians brought it back in style. The georgians loved to use hallway tiles, especially in geometric patterns to create some amazing eye catching designs. The tiles are very hard wearing and long lasting, so you can probably find original examples of this in homes across the UK and perhaps beyond.  

Georgian houses interior

You may also want to make note of what the Georgian Bannister characteristics are. You may notice more classical elements on the spindles of the Bannister. If they contain aspects of Neo classical architecture you know you’re looking at an original Bannister, which is super cool! I also like to look out for a stair runner  that is eye catching to fit in and give that extra nice vibe. Anything to make it stand out. 

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