Creating a child friendly shabby chic bedroom

Women all over the world have adopted the warmth and elegance of the Shabby Chic trend. Also referred to as a “cottage style“, Shabby Chic combines a variety of vintage patterns with handcrafted and often refurbished accessories to create a romantic and comfortable setting. One area that is often overlooked by interior designers is the nursery, but children love the beauty and comfort of the Shabby Chic style.


Floral shabby chic style fabric for accent colors

In each bedroom, the beds themselves are the main focus, therefore it is advisable to start this process with the selection of beds. Although Shabby Chic was created with flea market finds, the style craze has inspired many designers to create new textiles with a vintage feel. An up and coming interior designer Claire Davies from Liverpool who we met at the Amara blog awards mentioned a few makeovers that she had done for clients in the UK and said that the all white look with a tiny hint of colored fabric was a big hit. You can still of course still combine floral and striped patterns for bedding. Some prefer to use solid leaves to alert them to other patterns on the bed. Solid cotton sheets are also easy to replace without altering the look of the bed.

Floral shabby chic pattern fabric

If you use bunk beds, you should consider a variety of patterns to make the beds complementary rather than matching. For example, you could use comforters with similar colors, but use matching pillows. The shabby chic style also includes a variety of textures. Chenille is one of the most popular textures in Shabby Chic rooms.

Since children are harsh on textiles, you should look for durable fabrics for duvets and pillows. Bedding may need to survive slumber parties, “fort” attacks, spills and other deprivations. Tender eyelet films can not survive these conditions. Also look for comforters and blankets for pillows that are easy to remove for washing.


How to make old furniture look shabby chic

Before you decorate and add the new bedding, you should redesign old pieces of furniture. Many shabby-chic lovers are renovating or repainting modern or traditional furniture in bright shades with aged finishes just by watching videos like this one “22 Ways How to Revamp Old Furniture“. Creating a white or neutral background brings the many vintage patterns (accent colors) to life. The walls should also be painted white or neutral depending on the color of the decor and wall art. Choose slightly contrasting shades so accessories stand out.


Light fixture makeover

Replacing the modern lights with a chandelier may seem fancy for a nursery bedroom, but little girls love to be unique. Beautiful chandeliers that drip with glass beads make them feel like princesses. There are some very creative ideas listed in this great post “15 light fixture makeovers to save you a ton of money” by One Crazy House to help you make some dramatic lighting. Make sure the bunk beds are not far from the chandelier.

Monogrammed pendant light

Capiz shade by heathers nestCapiz shade by heathers nest


Shabby chic bedroom accessories

Use ornate accessories throughout the room, but keep the pieces in the living areas of the house. Bedside tables next to the beds offer a variety of treasures. Jewelry boxes, small carousels and vintage lamps add to the charm. When it comes to shabby chic, it’s all about the details. Consider painting flourishes on walls, furniture, and even ladder steps for bunk beds. Just use a shade that matches the bedding. For a final touch, add rugs in luxurious fabrics.

Shabby chic jewelry boxShabby chic jewelry box


Shabby chic bedroom carouselShabby chic bedroom carousel

So, in case you think this is the style for you, start with a bit of Shabby chic that you really value; At this time, a few more of everything, some trim and botanical accents, a touch of French furniture and watch your home as it delicately transforms into a wonderful nation like retreat. Similar to most changes in this style, you will probably find that your Shabby chic furniture collection evolves to a significant size.

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