Don’t get typical interior, get MAD interior.

What We Love Talking About

Interior Design

Just like many people in the industry, designers are passionate about Interior Design and we are no exception. What could be better than taking inspiration from thousands of sources and letting them benefit your very own home.

Garden Furniture

Everyone forgets the exterior of their home as they put all their focus on whats going on the inside. Summer, collectively is our favourite time of year, we can not wait to get out of the home and create the next beautiful thing for our outdoor space.

Antique Furniture

Over the recent years, antique/shabby chic styles of furniture have become increasingly popular, they really help you to get your personality across in your home and with so many unique pieces widely available, who wouldn't want to not write about it.

A little more about us...

MAD Interior Design (Mad About Interior Design) specialise in high end real estate and home improvement interior design.
We have a large database of beautiful furniture & accessory suppliers that we use to give our clients a cheaper deal and also to keep our ideas fresh and unique.

With MAD Interior Design you get the best of the best from all types of companies,

we amalgamate multiple design types into unique ideas to give your home the best possible impression.

Hey, I’m Jennifer and I am currentley Lead Content Creator here at Mad Interior Design. As leader of this role, it is my job to come up with new ideas of what great topics we can write about next. Whether its about the latest trends in interior design or what you should be looking to do in your Garden when summer comes around, It would have had my input somewhere down the line. When im not producing content in the office, I’m usually out having a good time with friends or making memories with my beautiful daughter, Amelia.

I’m Peter, some people call me Pete, I dont mind either. I am the Lead Designer at Mad Inteiror Design. I give direction to any content that gets produced, in terms of their format and any images or videos that they are using, If not taken from another soruce, they would have been created by myself or with my help. Away from the office I’m a pretty outgoing guy who likes to try new things and meet new people and thats one of the contributng factors as to why I just love my job.

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